Let us speak

 If you are a story of my life
 You can run
But you don't know where to hide
You can close your eyes
And speak before you dream
But I will never
Take away the blame
I can only keep the cold away from you
Keep you warm, when I don't know how
And as we breathe as one
There is nothing else to feel
There is nothing else to be
Just part of a story of my life


New year

 I wish that every one of us out there, this year, have a warm shoulder to lean on after every hard, cold day. And have a pair of ears, who will be there to listen to our best days, or just someone to be silent with. I wish we all find what we are looking for!


Half a coin

 There will never be enough time for us. Or the right circumstances that fit us together just like that. We just have to live of those small summer bits, from way before. Just nice memories to keep us on. Just a small secret out of our reach.

Life just placed us so diferently. In my mind it will be one those half finished stories, that will make me keep awake at night. Making up the endings, if only's. We never get enough the right time. Never do I get the right words. The memories that won't fit in just right. That just is what it is.


Frame it

Here, here
         Fairy, dear
One way out
              You can be found
No need to keep delaying
Hide an seek, replaying
No wings should be lost
All worries left in the past
           Once in 100 years
I will dry your tears
              Clear your way
                 Let you stay
Not all of us are the same
Do not carry within you shame
       Let me take you tight
                      Make everything alright
My fairy, dear
                                              Here, here


As I grew up...

 I do not want to hear it anymore. How I am not supposed to do it all. Why not? How I cannot do everything. Why not? If I can.

I do not want to hear all the excuses, all the reasons why not to do what I want. I will not let anyone make me feel like I do not deserve what I want. 

It might be a lot I take up on me, but that is exactly for whom it is all meant. 
For me.
And those who do not want to be a part of this do not have to be. They can come and go as theyplease. They can choose to stay, maybe just as spectator from sidelines. They can even be part of this, whatever they are thinking is best for them. Just do not hold me back.

Even if I have to do it all on my own I will. I do not mind at all. I will. 
I will not let anyone make me feel like I do not deserve what I want.



 I cannot tell about myself in few words. I am a book too deep for your eyes. As the years of mine progress, there will be more stories left untold. Memories forgotten, it all will just become a history. I am everything and nothing at the same time.

I cannot tell about myself in few words, can you?